Generosity Stories: Christmas Memories

This is a reminder by one of our founding members of God’s call to the people of Our Saviour Lutheran church. It’s also an opportunity to remember God’s guidance and generosity to us for the last 60 years. How will we expand that generosity? What will the outcome of Our Saviour’s story be?
“My memory comes from way back, back to the time Our Saviour was still just a dream and our membership was so very small. The church met on Sundays at the Southern Pines Civic Center and services alternated between visiting ministers. As a church, we had nothing much to call our own.
What we did have, however, was the beginning sense of being a church family, and the bonds between early participants grew very quickly.
As the Christmas season neared, we were all so very excited--we were actually going to have a Christmas Eve service, a Lutheran one! Imagine the joy as plans were made to sing all the familiar carols, even if the accompaniment was on a creaky old upright. The service went off as planned, with newly discovered Lutherans filling the rows and the old timers delighted to welcome them in.
When the service ended, no one rushed for a car; instead we gathered around and enjoyed the simplest of refreshments and continued to share the joy of being Lutherans together. And for all of us who were children at the time -- an orange and a candy cane to take home.
A Lutheran Christmas had truly come to the Sandhills!”
by Libby Carter

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