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Friends In Christ,

I write to you as the newly installed President of our church council. I feel blessed to be a part of this congregation as it looks forward to Re-Forming itself as each generation since Martin Luther has done. Each generation has made the Gospel anew in the context of the world’s current moment and communicates in a language for others to hear the YES of God in Jesus for the world. Our Saviour Lutheran Church stands on the shoulders of our founders and the generations of Lutherans before them.

Over the past three years our congregation followed a deliberate process to define our identity and language for our moment. Those efforts came to fruition with the council approval of values in August 2022 and new mission statement approved by the congregation in November 2022:

Our mission:
“Activating God’s Kingdom with integrity through engaging, educating, and responding”

Our values:
  1. Word Centered Worship
  2. Discipleship
  3. Training and empowering lay leadership
  4. Community relevance
  5. Relationships

As Council President I will endeavor to lead your council and our congregation in guiding our current programs and ministries into alignment with our mission and values. I look forward to seeing new programs and ministries that embody our mission and are guided by our values. The Café process that became the foundation for our mission and value statements also envisioned our facilities as being the “hub” in which and from which we Activate God’s Kingdom.

I am grateful to this year’s council members who prayerfully accepted your call to lead our church and whose support you, with God’s help, pledged during the council’s installation.
Joining me on council are:

Tiffaney Flack – Vice President
Angie Board – Treasurer
Simon Lussier – Secretary
Amy Hill
Jonathan Ward
Bob Landaas
Sean Ramirez
Libby Carter
Heather Lussier
Tim Haley
Barbara Vainio

I have provided a broadly defined vision for the council’s work this year. As the council gathers each month we will define and refine our programs and ministries that activate God’s kingdom within our church and community. We will announce opportunities for parishioners to engage with others in our programs and ministries. We will educate parishioners for kingdom work. We will provide opportunities for parishioners to respond to the needs of God’s people.

This is my first of periodic messages that I will send to the congregation to inform parishioners of key council activities and decisions; and to encourage you to become fully vested in our mission to Activate God’s Kingdom with Integrity.

Let us share in God’s Peace,
Doug Garrell
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