Generosity Stories: Helping in the Blackout

By Barbara Vainio

In the middle of the Moore County blackout last week, when most of the congregation members and Our Saviour itself were without power, the Matthew 25 Ministry still found a way to package and deliver meals to our partner in Robbins. Although Robbins never lost power, the people who depend on us for lunch each week still needed to be fed.  Matthew 25, led by Amy Hill, contacted the folks in Robbins to be sure they still needed our help. Not only did they still need our lunches, they also asked for any additional meals we could provide.

The Matthew 25 team came to the church, which had neither heat nor light, earlier than usual so they had daylight to work with, made sure the food we had was still good and packaged the lunches. They drove on roads that had no traffic lights both to the church and partway to Robbins and were able to deliver 100 meals to our partners.
Sharing the blessings that God has given our congregation during a crisis is just another example of how Generous the members of Our Saviour are.  Thanks be to god.

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